Louis-Pierre Poulin obtient une bourse du Fonds Québécois de Recherche – Société et Culture de 15 000$

Congratulations to our UdM rep, Louis-Pierre Poulin, for receiving a $15,000 grant from Fonds Québécois de Recherche – Société et Culture (FQRSC) for his work in Haiti.  Louis-Pierre is currently a 4th year anesthesia resident at Université de Montréal.



In this post, he shares with us his work and what he wants to achieve:

I did my first project in Haiti after the earthquake. I had done an elective as a medical student and I fell in love with that beautiful country and the Haitian culture. So, when the earthquake arrived, I felt like I had to do something. As you may know, it’s very difficult to get in an international organization as a medical resident, most of the ”international physicians” have to graduate before going on a mission.

The fact that I had some contacts in Haiti, I decided to organize a medical mission by myself. I went into a refugee camp for 2 weeks, providing as much as I could. I did a financial campaign to obtain some monetary resources, so I can leave some money when I left. I paid all my personal fees, to leave as much money as I can. The mission went well. I saw and heard so much sad stories… But I did see hope, did see some smiles on those kids face, did appreciate my time…

After that mission, as an R2, I found that medicine was too much focusing on medicine, and that we did not have any formation in international stuff, or in project management. I decide to started a Masters degree, partial time in parallel of the residency, to obtain that formation that I found was essential to create some international project. 

I decided to do a project in Haiti, subvention by the ”ACDI”. The project is ‘Projet d’Appui au Renforcement des Capacités en gestion de la santé en Haïti”. It consists of a project of teaching and creating a university program for health managers in Haiti. I earned a great grant of $15,000 for my research. I’ve started all the theoretical stuff, and I’m supposed to go to Haiti for 3 months next fall.

Doing a Masters degree while being in residency is really hard. You have to combine both sciences and it takes you a lot of time. People in each science are not open minded all the time, so it tends to complicate the things. Actually, I don’t regret my choice, but I need to warn anyone who wants to do something like this… Your personal time will go down, as your vacations. You will have to fit both schedules and you have to obtain your program director’s agreement. Mine was so nice with me, he gave everything to me to accommodate my schedule.  The director of the anesthesiology department showed me the same ”open mindedness” and they gave me the opportunity to proceed.

I personally found that we don’t have much formation in management, and in project management. I have a lot of personal interest in those fields, so I do what I can to help me managing all that. International development is very important, and we have to do as much as we can to provide as much as we can.