CAS Resident Section Executive 2013-2014

With the election for resident representative to the board of Directors of the CAS having recently been completed, we are pleased to announce the executive positions are now filled. 

Chair-Drew Weiss-University of Manitoba

Vice-Chair-Jackie Gilbert-McMaster University

CAS Board Representative-Elizabeth Miller-University of Ottawa

The University representative positions are also filled. 

UBC-Paul Zakus

University of Alberta- Kelsey Rutten

University of Calgary-Meghan O’Connell

University of Saskatchewan-Ian Chan

University of Manitoba-Drew Weiss

University of Ottawa-Sarika Mann

Queen’s University-Vanessa Sweet

University of Toronto-Tyler Fraser

McMaster University-Jackie Gilbert

Western University-Melissa Chin

Université de Montréal-Louis-Pierre Poulin

Université de Sherbrooke-Étienne St-Louis

Université Laval-Catherine Cournoyer

McGill University-Ken Mast

Dalhousie University-Amélie Pelland

Memorial University-Kathryn Sparrow