Apply for CAS Bursary

The CAS Residents’ Section Bursary Fund for Residents was established by the CAS Executive Committee and is eligible to receive gifts.


The Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Bursary Fund established to support travel and attendance at the CAS Annual Meeting for residents.

Funding Guidelines

  1. Funds will be prioritized for residents who have financial limitations preventing them from travelling and attending the CAS general meeting;
  2. Funds will be prioritized for residents who do not have support from their academic institution (eg. those who will not be receiving any other bursary funding);
  3. Funds will be prioritized for residents who have farther distance of travel to attend the CAS Annual Meeting;
  4. Funds will be prioritized for residents who are presenting research or have been involved with the planning of the CAS Annual Meeting;
  5. For the 2020 year, we will be awarding approximately 4 bursaries of $500 to each successful applicant.


Applications will be reviewed by members of the CAS Residents’ Section Executives. Successful bursary applicants will be notified by email. An annual fund report will be prepared by the Treasurer and will be provided to an Executive member from the CAS.


In the future, should circumstances change and cause the continuation of these Terms of Reference to be inappropriate or impractical, the CAS Residents’ Section, after appropriate consultation, may determine other possible designations of the Fund for purposes analogous to the original objective.

Application Deadline: May 24, 2020