University of Calgary – Perioperative Medicine Fellowship

University Program & Site University of Calgary
Fellowship Title Perioperative Medicine
Program Director Melinda Davis
Contact Person and Contact Information Melinda Davis:
Question: Response:
Are there exams or external credentials associated with this fellowship? No
What is the length of the program? 12 months
How many days are spent doing fellowship cases vs. days spent in a regular OR? 3-4 vs. 1-2
Is a research project required or possible?


How much research time is scheduled? Variable, but on average a day per week
How many applicants are accepted each year? 1 fellow/year.
Do fellows spend time training with the other fellows? No
Are fellows involved in teaching and what is their role?

Yes, bedside and classroom based teaching of residents

What kind of support can I expect from my staff (e.g. teaching, mentorship, research)? All of the above
What are the call requirements?  6-8 weekends/year
How many hours per week should I expect to work? ~40
Is there orientation and transition to fellowship? Yes.
Is there transition to practice training? No formal training
How much time is allotted for vacation? 4 weeks.
What is the expected income?

$ 95 000/year plus bonuses (based on locum billings).

When is the application due date?

April 30 of the prior year

When do interviews occur?

May/June of the prior year

Is there a flexible start time and end time? Yes
Is there an opportunity to meet with current fellows? Yes.
What are some of the electives or rotations available during the fellowship? Sleep medicine, acute/chronic/transitional pain, ICU outreach, transfusion medicine, palliative care, cardiac anesthesia/TEE, echo lab
Is there a core curriculum including simulation or didactic teaching, or is the experience mostly clinical?

Mostly clinical

Do fellows train and practise at one hospital, or at more than one site? 2 sites + other depending on elective choice
Where do most fellows go to practise following their fellowship year? (e.g. other academic hospitals, community hospitals, other hospitals in the same city) Unknown. New fellowship
Is there support and funding to present at conferences? Yes
Are there things in particular your program is looking for in an applicant (e.g. previous experiences, research, or other)? Flexibility and willingness to collaborate with other disciplines.
Is there an opening for employment for anesthesiologists trained in this fellowship subspecialty at your institution? Yes