Choosing Wisely Campaign

CAS Residents’ Section Choosing Wisely Committee

The CAS Residents’ Section has created a new subcommittee this year to engage residents in the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign, and to help them have effective conversations with their patients preoperatively.

The CAS Residents’ Section Choosing Wisely Committee:

  • Chair: Dr. Gita Raghavan, Queen’s University (
  • Dr. Sarah Tierney, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Dr. Pablo Perez D’Empaire, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Aaron Lau, University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Talar Parajian, University of Toronto

Choosing Wisely Campaign:

Choosing Wisely Canada is a nation-wide campaign with the goal of helping physicians and patients engage in discussion about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.  It supports physician efforts in helping patients make effective choices to improve the quality of their care.

The Canadian national specialty societies participating in the campaign, representing a broad spectrum of physicians, have been asked to develop lists of “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.”

CAS Top 5 Choosing Wisely Recommendations:

  1. Don’t order baseline laboratory studies (complete blood count, coagulation testing, or serum biochemistry) for asymptomatic patients undergoing low-risk non-cardiac surgery.
  2. Don’t order a baseline electrocardiogram for asymptomatic patients undergoing low-risk non-cardiac surgery.
  3. Don’t order a baseline chest X-ray in asymptomatic patients, except as part of surgical or oncological evaluation.
  4. Don’t perform resting echocardiography as part of preoperative assessment for asymptomatic patients undergoing low to intermediate-risk non-cardiac surgery.
  5. Don’t perform cardiac stress testing for asymptomatic patients undergoing low to intermediate risk non-cardiac surgery.


We will engage active participation of anesthesiology residents in Canada, to promote the perioperative “Choosing Wisely” principles, though the following mechanisms:

  • Email communication to all anesthesia residents through Residents’ Section representatives
  • Provision of focused educational materials (for patients and residents alike)
  • Discussion at the CAS Residents’ Section Meeting in June

For more details, please see the Choosing Wisely Canada